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Asian porn with Japanese babes from Nippon

Anal Asian dreams cum true in Japan with Kaede Hinano

Kaede Hinano

For fellow lovers of Asian anal porn, here is a site that is the answer to our prayers. Yes, a site without the same 7 Asian American pornstars you’ve seen over an over again all over the place. A site with the most gorgeous Japanese women taking it in their tight rear ends, getting creampies, and even double penetration. That site is…Anal Nippon.

And the girl in this sample anal video gallery is Kaede Hinano. These are some clips of her from Red Hot Fetish Collection 39 which I think show just how fucking awesome she is. Kaede is my dream girl. Why? Because she loves anal sex. A lot of girls doing porn aren’t even into ass fucking. They just want a paycheck, and then to get the cock outta their asshole ASAP. But every now and then, you find a rare gem like Kaede here, who you can tell is a true anal fan. That is the hottest thing to see in the world in my opinion.

But Kaede isn’t the only one. See for yourself the variety of girls available in the movies at Anal Nippon. You’ll feel like you died and went to Asian ass heaven!

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Think mature Asian women and MILF porn are hard to find?

Mature Asian

Lets face it, there aren’t enough MILF and mature porn sites featuring Asian women. All we English speakers get are tons of mature sites with White women, and maybe a few Black ladies or Latinas. Once in a blue moon there’s a mature Asian woman on a site tour, but who’s gonna fork over $29.95 for a month’s access, just to see one woman?

There are tons of hot mature Asian women out there, so where is the love for these hotties?! Well, there’s no love coming from American porn producers, that’s for sure. The few Asians they manage to get are the same ones we’ve seen on every other site out there. We know they aren’t MILFs. Just the same pornstars we’ve seen a million times before.

Not so with the mature porn coming out of Japan. These women are real amateur housewives, moms, and occasionally even grannies. That’s what makes it so damn hot. Forbidden sex with women you’d probably never have a chance in hell of fucking. Jukujo porn is a big seller in Japan, and the taboo factor is one reason why in my opinion. Yes, I almost forgot to mention, the term for mature porn in Japan is “jukujo” sometimes spelled “jyukujyo” or η†Ÿε₯³ written in Japanese. “Juku” basically means “ripe” like delicious fruit ready to eat…with “jo” to the end to mean “female”. You get the picture. πŸ˜‰

I asked a guy working at an adult DVD shop in Tokyo one time what his best selling niches were. He told me, idols and jukujo. I checked out his jukujo selection and there was cover after cover of hot, older Japanese women I’d love to fuck staring back at me. So where can a non-Japanese speaker find a huge selection of these hard to find movies? Once again, the Sexy Japanese Theater comes through.

If you haven’t browsed through the mature and MILF categories there yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out on…over 500 movies of perverted sex with hot older women…

Japanese MILFMature JapaneseOlder Asian woman
Asian MILFJapanese momBusty Asian

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Japanese lesbians in uncensored bald pussy porn movies

Asian lesbians

These two cute Japanese lesbian teens seem to be experimenting sexually for the first time with each other. Watching these cuties play in their tight thong panties is hot enough, but then they go and take it to the next level! It’s so cute to see them playing with each other’s bald pussies and rubbing their hot little oiled-up bodies against one another.

It truly is an incredible work of art. Sure, there’s the occasional video on YouTube of Asian lesbians kissing, or some random clip covering up their wet pink pussies with mosaics. But it certainly is rare to find a site with such a selection of original, and uncensored, porn movies featuring shaven Japanese lesbos as G-Queen has.

They really are the cream of the crop in this niche, and just keep adding more and more movies. I don’t know where they find all these girls, but I highly recommend this site if you’re into shaved Asian pussy and Japanese schoolgirls!


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Big Asian tits from heaven on Japanese porn star Rio Hamasaki

Big Asian tits

The shot above of Rio Hamasaki’s big, beautiful Asian tits is enough to give me a raging hard-on. Fuck the viagra…one look at her long sexy nails squeezing those oiled up breasts is the ultimate stimulant to get blood flowing straight to any penis. But after taking one look at this photo gallery from J Sex Network you may just feel like creaming your pants!

Rio is one hot Japanese porn star who puts those huge Asian boobs to work on lucky cocks in her dirty movies. How would you like to have your dick sandwiched in between Rio’s two hot mounds of flesh? To be sure, the photo gallery posted above is fucking hot as hell…but I’m afraid it can’t give justice to the movies at J Sex Network of this busty Japanese AV idol. Yep, she’s in the recommended section of their “AV Stars Directory” for a reason.

Of course, if Rio Hamasaki’s tits aren’t big enough for you…you could always go for the enormous P-Cup tits of Fuko from Okinawa! πŸ˜‰

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Roppongi club girls in sexy wigs fucking lucky strangers

Roppongi girls

For those unfamiliar with the Roppongi nightlife in Tokyo, it’s got quite the reputation as the spot to pick up “easy girls” looking for anonymous sex with strangers in the clubs. I knew it was only a matter of time before a Japanese porn video was made about it…and here you have it…Roppongi After Dark.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of fucking these horny Roppongi girls sure sounds like a fun night out on the town to me! Hey, I have no qualms about fucking an “easy girl,” especially when it’s a cute Japanese chick in a sexy wig. Somehow I find it kinda hot when Tokyo girls wear those cute wigs. Maybe it’s the cosplay sex fetish coming out again. πŸ˜‰

Click Here to check out these Roppongi girls

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Shaved Asian pussy pics of Mina Uehara’s sweet パむパン

Shaved Asian pussy

This is it, the site you’ve been waiting for…a site devoted 100% to the beauty of shaved Asian pussy from Japan. I’ve heard more than a few fans of Japanese porn complain about the hairy pussies often seen in XXX videos from Nippon. But the days of hairy beavers in Japanese AV may be coming to an end, and G-Queen seems to be leading the way.

One look at the shaved pussy pics of Mina Uehara, and you’ll be in love. Like all the girls at G-Queen, she is a natural beauty. No fake tits or plastic surgery to be seen here, just completely natural sweetness from Japan. Look at her…from head to toe, I would lick this cutie anywhere she likes. Imagine how good it feels to have her smooth, bald pussy rubbing on you as you penetrate her super tight little snatch.

I would also like to mention how there is not enough uncensored Japanese lesbian porn on the net out there. But G-Queen has heard the cries for more girl-on-girl Asian content, and has a large (and growing) collection of Japanese lesbians available for you inside their very nice exclusive site. Check out their hot lesbian videos.

Whether you like it or not, the pai pan niche (パむパン) is growing in Japan, and as a result, I’ve noticed more and more girls starting to trim down there. I know some guys prefer hairy cunts, and to them I say, never fear. There are still plenty of hairy girls in Japan AV for you. But for us who like trimmed, shaved pussies, a site like G-Queen is a breath of fresh air. You just won’t find content like theirs anywhere else…


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Japanese porn cutie Risa Kasumi in her hot fetish uniform

Japan fetish

Japanese women are some of the most beautiful in the world. They just seem to know exactly how to work it. Especially the Japan idols and AV pornstars fucking drive me wild. Silky smooth skin, soft lips, long talons, and the sexiest little outfits you’ve ever seen…they know what gets guys off. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you know that girls there are not afraid to dress to impress, unlike other countries where sweatpants and unkempt hair have unfortunately become the norm.

Anyway, enough of that. It’s time to talk about another fine ass Japanese porn star I’ve been really into lately…Risa Kasumi. The way she’s squeezing those natural, big Asian tits in her fetish uniform is hotter than hell. From just seeing those smokin’ hot sample pics of her at Japan Sex Network, you’re probably thinking this girl was always confident about her good looks and sexy body. But check out how shy she was in this clip from her first porn debut with S1 Studios:

There’s a brief interview in the second-half of the clip where we can learn a bit more about this cutie. Born May 31, 1984 Risa Kasumi was 22 when this video was made, but is now 23. Her hobbies? She’s into nail art (wish she’d wrap those nails around my cock!), and can also play the electone.

Risa says the first time she had sex was in Junior High…but then she changes that to say it might have been the first year of High School instead (she seems a little unsure on this one!). But the main thing she keeps saying is how nervous she is. Of course, she’s only human, and who wouldn’t be nervous right before starring in their very first porno video?

I think Risa did a great job, and if you want to see for yourself, go ahead and look her up in the AV stars directory at Japan Sex Network. Her newer vids there are even better, and I also love the high resolution photos they’ve got of this beautiful Japanese female at their site. She’s so fine…she could definitely be a model, don’t you think?

Risa KasumiSo damn hotNude Japanese beauty

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Asian maid from Japan having love affair with her boss

Asian maid

With a beautiful maid like Rimu Himeno cleaning your house, could you resist the temptation to take it one step further? Even if you were married, could you hold back from a secret love affair with such a sweet and caring Japanese maid? This guy comes home from a hard day at work, and when sweet Rimu’s helping him change, he suddenly gets a bulge in his pants…

But can you blame the poor guy? Imagine her pretty hands unzipping your trousers, and tell me you’d be able to keep your dick limp in the same situation! Lucky for him, Rimu seems like she’s had feelings for her boss too, so she puts his cock right into her soft, warm mouth. What a beautiful pussy this girl has, and we get a nice close view as she straddles her boss’ face in the 69 position.

It’s another great uncensored Japanese porn video at XVN, and a must see for all you cosplay sex fans into cute Asian maids!

Posted March 12th, 2008 in Cosplay Porn

Hotaru Akane the sweet AV Idol who can squirt her pussy

Hotaru Akane

Here are some great pics of Hotaru Akane when she had dark hair. My favorite is the one of her bent over, showing off her cute little asshole. For those of you who don’t know this sweet AV Idol, lets just say she’s got some of the best pussy gushing skills I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it’s insane the way her love juices squirt out suddenly, all over the guy who’s fucking her. I’ve never seen a girl who could squirt with more force than Hotaru.

For those Hotaru fans out there who’ve been looking for an English site with her movies, Japan Sex Network has got quite a few. Just look her up in their “AV Stars Directory,” and you’ll find Akane-san listed with the other “Recommended Japanese AV Idols and Actresses.” Yes, a total of 16 Hotaru Akane videos currently available for download there…

Pervert PunishmentDouble Cast

Day DreamSemen Women 2

Industry No. 1High Body

The Slut WomanGALCIR

Cabaret ClubNakadashi Clinic

Public WashroomObscenity Catharthis

Do ChijoYoung Wife Body

Female StudentThe Trap

Click Here to watch these videos at Japan Sex Network

I also found a little something special for the dedicated Hotaru Akane fans out there. A great interview of her with a Japanese comedian named, Hanawa. What a lucky bastard to hang out in Hotaru’s apartment! Typical Japanese TV comedian style…the first thing he does is check her fridge to see what food she’s got in there! Anyway, if you can’t understand Japanese, it might be boring, but I’ll try and post an update covering the vital topics discussed in this video, like I did with the Fuko interview:

Posted February 21st, 2008 in Squirting Pussy

Japanese bukkake with cum eaters and facial loving hotties

Japanese bukkake

Does the thought of shooting your entire load on the pretty face of an Asian girl get you hard? Then you’re not alone, because Japanese bukkake porn is one of the most popular genres to come out of Nippon. Some say it began to appear there due to the strict mosaic laws requiring blurring of the genitals. As a result, they had no choice but to shoot facial cumshots on the girls faces!

From there, it’s grown into a phenomenon, with thousands of videos being made devoted completely to cum facials, bukkake orgies, and kinky cum eating sluts! Interestingly, if you’ve been to Japan, you know that you can even eat “bukkake don” (ぢっかけ丼) at a restaurant. Wanna try it? Haha, don’t worry. It’s just a rice bowl with various foods dumped on top. Here are some photos from Google for those who are curious. The word bukkake comes from the verb “kakkeru,” which means to pour or dump something heavily. Putting a “bu” at the front just makes it stronger…so…pouring with even more force!

So, I think you can guess why the same word was chosen to describe this specific porn niche. I’d say Asia Movie Pass is one of the biggest English sites providing thousands of these movies direct from Japan. They’re also the same guys bringing you the lesbian and pregnant sites I wrote about before on this blog. But be warned, the movies at this site are the original releases still containing mosaics. But for true Asian bukkake fans, it should not be a problem. You will still see as much cum squirting on pretty Japanese faces as you could possibly hope for.

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