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Asian porn with Japanese babes from Nippon

Interracial ass fucking with cute tourist girl from Japan

Interracial fucking

Miku Tanaka is a cute tourist visiting Europe from Japan, and now is her chance to try out some white guys cocks. A lot of Japanese girls are curious to try some interracial fucking, but since their home country has so few foreigners, they rarely get a chance. Once they’re overseas however, many girls like Miku are up to explore some new things…

Watch her, and her blonde girlfriend, taking on this lucky Euro guy in a hot threesome, including blowjobs and bareback ass fucking. I think Miku never had a dick in her tight asshole before, but she sure seems curious to try. I got hard as a rock listening to her moan with a lucky cock in her ass. This girl is so cute while doing anal!

I’ve heard some guys complaining how Japanese porn only has Japanese guys fucking the girls. They wanna see more interracial sex with these fine Asian babes…but they’re not into the Asian-American girls with fake boobs in Western porn. Well, for those people, check out the new Euro Mix Project filmed with Japanese girls like Miku Tanaka visiting in Europe.

It’s a new line of videos at XVN, and to tell you the truth, I hope they keep more coming! For those who haven’t noticed, 99bb (one of the best uncensored Japan porn sites), has just merged with XVN, to produce an awesome site with more content than ever. So all the 99bb movies I posted before in this blog are now available at XVN. A very cool site!

Posted January 30th, 2008 in Anal Sex, Interracial Sex

Hot Japanese lesbians kissing in sexy girls threesome video

Japanese lesbians

Hey, I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Is anyone in the mood for some cute Asian lesbos to keep you warm during these cold winter months? How about some hot Japanese lesbians french kissing in a threesome video? Does the thought of two Japanese girls oiling up their bodies and rubbing those delicious Asian pussies together sound fun?
I certainly hope so.

On another note, does anyone remember the movie, “Brokeback Mountain?” You know…the one where the two gay cowboys become lovers? Now, if they’d only replaced those cowboys with some beautiful Asian lesbians, then they might have been onto something. Looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking that, as Brokeback Asians has rode in to the rescue!

Yes, finally a site 100% devoted to the many lesbian videos being created in Japan. But let me warn you, these movies still have the mosaic on them. However, if you’re a fan of Asian lesbian porn, you may not mind. Just watching these girls kissing is hot as hell, but wait until you see them sucking toes…dildoing and eating out eachothers pussies!

If you thought there were no horny dykes in Japan, you certainly thought wrong. Just check out the large selection of lesbian porn videos at Sexy Japanese Theater for more proof of these beautiful, muff diving cuties. I’m telling you, girls in Nippon know how to get down!

Posted January 18th, 2008 in Asian Lesbian Sex

Hot Japanese ass of Haruki spread open wide for you

Japanese ass

Even more hot than a Japanese girl with nice tits, is one with a nice ass, and Haruki here fits the bill for me in a big way. I mean, just look at that perfect round shape, those nice hips, her silky smooth Asian skin. Man, I would bury my face in that sweet Japanese ass for hours, licking her wherever she likes!

Haruki spreads her hot ass open wide to give you a perfect view of her tight Asian asshole. You know a lot of Japanese girls love it when you lick their ass…wouldn’t you like to try it with a girl like Haruki? She will love the sensation of your tongue on her asshole, and the kinkiness of it will make her hot pussy wetter than ever.

I tell you, there is nothing I wouldn’t for a girl like this…lick her ass, suck her toes…when a girl is that cute, you’ll do just about anything for her! See Haruki and other fine girls from Japan in totally uncensored hardcore porn videos at Forbidden Tokyo.

Posted December 18th, 2007 in Nude Japanese Women

Gushing cunts of Japanese girls squirting pussy orgasm nectar

Gushing cunts

Nothing is more delicious than the sweet pussy nectar squirting from a cute Japanese girl during her orgasm. Their hot gushing cunts spurt forth those special fluids only when you are successful at triggering the most intense of orgasms. Can you imagine their hot Asian juices squirting on you while you fuck their tight pussies deeply?

Mirai Haneda is another busty Japanese cutie with gushing skills for your enjoyment. In fact, if you’re looking for movies of beautiful Asian squirting girls, you need look no further than Japan to provide what you need.

Check out the gushing section at AV9898 where there are 114 movies in the squirt category as of today. Have to give them respect, as they’re one of the few uncensored Japanese porn sites to even label their movies containing gushing scenes. Best part of all is, there are no mosaics blocking our view of the juice spurting from their hot cunts!

Posted December 5th, 2007 in Squirting Pussy

Big Asian boobs of Fuko the hot Japanese girl with P-Cup tits

Wow, this is a great interview here with Fuko, a Japanese girl who takes big Asian boobs to the next level…the “P-Cup” level! Just imagine burying your face in those warm, soft, huge tits as sweet Fuko holds you close. For those who can’t understand Japanese, let me give you a rundown of everything we learn about this nice girl during the interview:

First thing they ask is what cup size she is. Fuko confirms she is a P-Cup, and the narrator gives us all the details…18 years old, bust of 120 cm, hips 88 cm, and from Okinawa, Japan. Next they ask when her boobs first became big, and she answers, when she was 12 years old! Then Fuko gives us an extra little tidbit of information…yes, her mom also has big tits. In fact, she says, her mom’s breasts are the same size as hers! I wish Fuko’s mom was in this interview too.

Fuko boobsYou can tell just how amazed the narrator is, as he even mentions that these boobs are like “kami-sama no oppai”…boobs of the gods from heaven! I have to say, I agree with this observation.

Fuko says that people are always paying attention to her chest. So they decide to put it to the test, and bring her to Shibuya to see if any guys take the bait. Sure enough, within seconds we see plenty of “P” offenders staring at her wonderful, huge Asian tits. They’ve got dreams of “おっぱい” dancing in their heads, and can you blame them?!

Next, Fuko reminds us that having breasts her size is not always fun and games: For example, she has trouble getting her clothes over those massive tits, and her chest also hurts when running. Just look at those huge Asian boobs bouncing up-and-down as she runs down the street!

Last, the interviewer asks if they are real, and Fuko, says “本物です,”…yup, they’re real alright. Just to be sure, they bring her to a plastic surgery clinic where the doctor checks for himself. He confirms they are real, and even goes so far as to say he’s 300% sure! Fuko has nothing to say but, that’s right! She’s such a cutie!

So there you have it folks, Fuko, the busty Japanese girl with a pair of big Asian tits like you’ve never seen. If ever there were breasts deserving of the term “kami-sama no oppai” they are hers. But if you think large boobs are a rare anomaly in Japan, you’d better think again…

In fact, the last thing they say in this video is that Japanese women today have much bigger boobs than ever before. It’s a bit of a mystery why, but many have suggested it’s due to a change in diet. Either way, there are plenty more busty Asian porn movies from Japan to prove this is indeed true! Hope you enjoy peering over all the evidence.

Posted November 23rd, 2007 in Busty Japanese AV

Bunnygirl anal fuck and DP with cute Japanese girl Chihiro

BunnygirlThis cute Japanese bunnygirl named Chihiro likes it in the butt, just below her little cotton tail! I love those tight black fishnets she’s wearing with no panties under…sure would love to tear them open and shove my tongue in her delicious Asian pussy.

I’m so jealous to watch as this lucky guy slowly inserts his finger in her ass. If it were me, I would definitely pull it out for a sniff before sliding my cock in her poop chute.

Imagine the feeling inside her warm butthole while she moans and claws at you with her long nails. But this bunnygirl wants more than an anal fuck, she wants a DP threesome! Watch Chihiro taking it in both hot holes and loving the intense stimulation.

After that, check out some of the other Japanese anal movies at Idols 69.

Posted November 14th, 2007 in Anal Sex

Sexy Japanese Idol Yu Saotome’s hot nude Asian body

Yu Saotome

Yu Saotome is a sexy Japanese Idol who I’d love to kiss from head to toe. Beautiful face, big brown eyes, soft luscious lips, and silky smooth skin make this model from Japan a true cock tease! In this sample gallery from J Sex Network, we get a nice glimpse of her hot nude Asian body as she gets wet on the bed.

Now, just imagine Yu Saotome riding on top of you with her cute little fluffy beaver until you cum inside! But not before she sucks you off slowly with those sexy painted fingernails wrapped around your cock. If you’re a fan of nude Japan Idols, but also want access to hardcore Japanese porn, you’ll get the best of both worlds inside of J Sex Network.

Posted November 6th, 2007 in Nude Japanese Women

Pregnant Asian pussy being fucked in rare Japan porn videos

Pregnant Asian

I’ve seen pregnant porn before and it never really did anything for me, but you’ve gotta admit that there are some damn cute pregnant Asian girls out there…especially in Japan. I don’t know what it is, but these Japanese girls seem to maintain their good looks and sexy bodies, even when they’ve got a baby-on-board!

And after they give birth, their cute preggo bellies go right back to normal, and you’d never suspect they’d ever popped out a baby. Ever notice the overabundance of hot MILF’s in Japan? But that’s another topic, these nice pregnant girls have got some raging hormones and crave sex more than you could ever imagine.

Unfortunately for them, hubbie is off at the “soapland” every night, getting a rub and a tug, and won’t even touch his horny pregnant wife! But luckily, there are always guys willing to volunteer their cock to pleasure a hot pregnant pussy hole anytime she likes.

Aren’t you curious what it’s like to fuck a cute, pregnant Japanese girl? I know there are plenty of cuties at Asian Prego who’d I’d fuck without hesitation! It’s probably the best site for rare preggo porn from Japan I’ve seen. The only drawback is the videos still have the mosaic in them…but the content is so rare I feel it’s well worth it!

Posted October 27th, 2007 in Pregnant Pussy

Foursome sex and Japanese cosplay porn with cute Asian maids

Cosplay pornHow would you like to have your dick serviced by three cute Asian maids who’ll make your perverted fantasies of foursome sex come true? Well, it’s the kind of maid service which can be found in Japan, and not just at so-called “maid cafes.”

Here we have three cuties making a housecall, pulling down this lucky guy’s pants and helping him release a little stress. There’s nothing like Japanese cosplay porn, and these girls just love getting dressed up in their sexy little outfits to get your dick hard as a rock.

You can find sex shops all over Tokyo selling kinky costumes of all variety and perversion, perfect for living out your nastiest fantasies. Watch as these three maids suck his cock with a loving blowjob, and jerk it off till he cums in their hands.

And it’s just beginning…see this whole movie plus more cosplay sex at Teens From Tokyo.

Posted October 22nd, 2007 in Cosplay Porn

Yui Komine in bareback Japanese anal sex video from heaven

Japan anal

Like I said before, thankfully, the Japanese are getting more into anal sex in their porn, allowing us perverts to indulge in our fantasies of butt sex with beautiful girls from Nippon. It just doesn’t get better than that folks, and here we have another perfect example of a nice girl from Japan willing to give her most private hole up for your backdoor entry.

This fine Japanese girl, Yui Komine, may not be a bigshot porn star as of yet, but she’s on the top of my list of AV babes I’d love to fuck. Why? She’s a true pervert who is up for just about any kinky sex you could hope for. She will ride your cock bareback, taking a creampie in her ass or pussy, only to let it dribble out slowly for you to watch!

Yes, Yui is a truly amazing girl who I hope to see more of in the near future. You can catch her Japanese anal sex and creampie video at AV9898. Highly recommended!

Posted October 13th, 2007 in Anal Sex


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