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Asian porn with Japanese babes from Nippon

Japan anal creampie fuck flick “A Bombs” will blow you away

Japan anal

There just aren’t enough Japanese anal porn videos out there, don’t you think? These are the most beautiful girls in the world, and there’s nothing I wanna see more that a cock penetrating their sweet Asian assholes. But luckily, things are changing, and Japan anal videos with double penetration, and internal creampies are becoming more common niches in Nippon these days.

This hardcore anal creampie fuck video, “A Bombs,” is just one of those wonderful productions where we can witness the backdoor buggery of beautiful Japanese girls taking it in their hot, sweaty little poop chutes. How would you like to buttfuck this cutie’s ass while sucking on her sexy pink toes? Talk about a dream come true!

More of “A Bombs” at Sexy Japanese Theater

Posted September 29th, 2007 in Anal Sex

Busty Japanese AV star Reon Kadena shaking her big Asian tits

If you haven’t seen this GIF image of busty Japanese AV hottie Reon Kadena dancing with her Ipod, then I think you don’t surf too many forums. I’ve seen the smaller version of this GIF in countless users signatures on forums all over the net, and I’ve gotta say…it’s one of the hottest images in the world…simply perfect!

Reon Kadena

And here’s the bigger version for you…

Reon Kadena Gif

Not enough? There’s one more, slightly larger, and longer version of this hot AV star shaking her big, natural Asian titties for you…Click Here for the larger 2.96MB GIF image.

Yeah, so if you don’t have these GIF’s on your PC yet, there they are for you! I tell you, I could stare at her busty Asian tits for hours, and it’s truly hypnotizing to watch them bounce back and forth, over and over. The thing you’ve gotta love about Japanese AV pornstars, is that their boobs are always 100% natural…no fake silicone ones like in American porn. When you get a tittie job from one of these ladies, the ecstasy of those huge, soft breasts squeezing your cock is unimaginable!

Now, if you’re wondering where on earth this hypnotizing, two-second GIF of Reon Kadena came from, then you’re in luck. Someone was nice enough to post the video on YouTube, so I’m gonna stick it in this post for you’re viewing pleasure. Lets just hope that YouPrude doesn’t delete it like usual. Enjoy this one while it lasts!

(Edit: They did delete it! But luckily Reon Kadena has plenty of dedicated fans, and I was able to find another version. This one’s extended, with some great bonus footage of her perfect Japanese breasts mixed with epic music. Also, they have tons of Reon Kadena pics and videos in the “Buru Buru” section at Japan Sex Network.)

Pretty nice, eh? Isn’t she such a cutie, dancing around in her undies like that? Hehe, now that you’re all hot and bothered from seeing Reon’s huge, bouncing boobs…you must be in the mood for some big Japanese tit fucking, aren’t you?

Check this out: “Hello Titty 2”

Hello Titty

Yes, this busty Japanese porn video has all the huge milky tits from Japan you could dream of…and the best part is, this movie is uncensored, with no stinking mosaics! Click on the image above to go straight to this movie’s page at Sexy Japanese Theater. And don’t forget, at the Theater, you pay by the minute…so if you get bored with a movie, just click “Stop” and start watching something else. As of the this post’s writing, there are a total of 118 big Asian tits movies available there, with more to be added soon!

Posted September 21st, 2007 in Busty Japanese AV

Big boob Asian Nozomi Tsukamoto has soft tits to play with

Big boob Asian

Check out this new addition to AV9898, a real busty Japanese cutie named Nozomi, with nice soft tits for playing with. Can you imagine your cock being squeezed between her two mounds of love-flesh? I’d love to suck on her nipples for hours while fingering her hot wet pussy…but this this big boob Asian girl has more than a pair of huge tits going for her…

Nozomi’s sexy Japanese ass

She’s got some nice wide hips too, and a cute little Japanese ass perfect for burying your face in. Man, how I’d love to put my face deep in her warm ass crack right now and sniff her hot silky panties! What’s more, Nozomi is a total perv, and licks this guy’s asshole with her soft, pink tongue…talk about Asian rimjob heaven!

To top it off, this busty Asian cutie can squirt! Imagine fucking her tight pussy while watching her 100% natural big boobs bouncing up and down, over and over. You’ll be rewarded when she orgasms and squirts uncontrollably all over you! Download Nozomi Tsukamoto’s totally no mosaic Japanese porn video at AV9898.

Posted September 8th, 2007 in Busty Japanese AV

Fart fetish videos with shameless horny Japanese school girls

Wow, anyone out there still believing all Japanese schoolgirls are shy and polite is in for a shock. Yes, this video’s gonna blow that outdated stereotype right outta the water! Watch as these cuties lift their skirts and fart shamelessly in some poor guy’s face…forcing him to sniff the inside of their cute little flexing Asian buttholes! The guy pretends he doesn’t like it, but you can tell he’s getting a serious hard-on from breathing in so much sexy J-Girl ass.

Anyone with a fart fetish will love these crazy videos from Japan, where schoolgirls have no shame to let one rip right in your face. In fact, even those without a farting fetish may find this video strangly arousing. I never knew I could be turned on by seeing Japanese girls farting…but I’ve gotta admit, it sure got my dick hard! You’ve seen the softcore version on YouTube, and I’ll bet you’ve been wondering what movie these clips are actually from. Well, Sexy Japanese Theater delivers once again with some of the most obscure Asian porn you’ve ever seen…

The original movie is “High School Girl Just Playing 6” and it’s only part of a crazy series of 21 different schoolgirl videos covering topics from peeing, to fucking, squirting, foot fetish play, farting and more! You name it, and these nasty, perverted girls are up for it. I’m sure you wanna see more than just them farting through their panties right? Don’t you wanna see their tight assholes spread open wide as they let one rip? It’s just another wonderful video proving the innovation of Japanese porn producers…

Girl fart fetish

Posted August 27th, 2007 in Japanese Schoolgirls

Wanna drink from Hime Mizuhara’s gushing Asian pussy?

Gushing pussy

These Japanese girls sure know how to squirt, and here is a nice uncensored movie of Hime Mizuhara getting off on some masturbation. When her sweet gushing pussy shoots out it’s love juices, I’d love to be right there to take a drink. Imagine having your face right between her soft legs while her hotness squirts out all over you!

That’s not all Hime Mizuhara is up to in this video. She also finds the time to work three of my favorite jobs…handjobs, tit jobs, and of course…footjobs. In my opinion, there’s almost nothing more exciting than having a hot Asian girl’s sexy feet working all over your cock. Hime rubs his boner good with her red pantyhose on, and I’m so wishing that was my dick in his place!

The uncensored J-Porn site AV9898 just keeps updating with more and more better stuff. And they understand exactly how we wanna see these movies…with no mosaics!

Posted August 7th, 2007 in Squirting Pussy

Asian facesitting office ladies from Japan smothering a guy

Asian facesitting office ladies from Japan

These Asian facesitting beauties take control of a man and force him to sniff their sweet panties. He’s helpless as they tie him up and straddle his face to smother him with their tight, wet pussies!

How hot is it to see these two fine office ladies from Japan getting what they want. Their pussies are itching for some stimulation, so they had no choice but to satisfy themselves on top of this poor guy’s face. Imagine how it feels to have them rubbing on you, their pantyhose clad legs wrapped around your head as they use your your face to get off!

The facesitting Japanese OL’s in this porn video are so satisfied that they even decide to repay the favor…see it all at the best site for pantyhose porn movies from Japan.

Posted July 27th, 2007 in Asian Panties

Cute Japanese maid gets a cumshot on her waiting tongue

Japanese maid gives blowjob and gets cumshot

It’s always good times to play with a Japanese maid, especially when you’re a fan of cosplay sex. Here’s a kinky maid in open-toed high heels taking on two guys at once. She gives a super wet, double blowjob…making sure to pay special attention to each cock with her soft tongue.

Then she lays back, spreads her fluffy Asian pussy open and invites that cock to come inside to play! Imagine what it feels like to push inside her tight little pussy…her juices covering all over your dick. After taking it inside for awhile, she gets on top and starts pounding that cock in her hole while squealing with pleasure.

How long do you think you could you last in this girl’s tight Asian pussy? Finally, this guy can’t hold back any longer…he pulls out and she quickly gets up…opens her mouth and waits for the cumshot right on her waiting tongue!

This is what I like to see…a nice Japanese girl who isn’t afraid to enjoy sex! These sample video clips are from Chest Full of Asians 6, an uncensored movie with no mosaic that’s available for download at Sexy Japanese Theater.

Posted July 15th, 2007 in Cosplay Porn

Mako Kamizaki wants to join the Japanese anal fuck club

Japanese anal fuck

Yes, it’s called the Anal Club, and lovely Mako Kamizaki is ready to join! Like many girls, she’s alway been curious what it feels like to have a cock inside her pooper…and now is your chance to watch her let one in the backdoor.

Of course, anyone experienced in butt sex knows you can’t just ram your cock in the girl’s ass from the get-go. She won’t enjoy that, and you wanna show her just how good anal can feel…you know, keep her coming back for more.

It’s understood in Japan, and you’ll notice in most Japanese anal fuck videos, they build up to buttfucking gradually. She loves having various sex toys in her ass to massage her anus, and get that tight, nasty little butthole in the mood. When she’s ready…you can slide that cock in her butt and start pumping deep and slow.

It’s the best feeling in the world to have your cock in a Japanese girl’s asshole! If you’re curious about the Anal Club, wait until you see the other 130 Asian anal sex videos at Sexy Japanese Theater!

Posted July 11th, 2007 in Anal Sex

AV idol Reon Kadena in Japanese schoolgirl cotton panties

Click for more schoolgirls straight from Japan

This sexy Japanese schoolgirl video will surely make you a fan of white cotton panties if you weren’t already. Yes, Reon Kadena is one busty Asian AV idol who works that cute little outfit to the max! I’ll tell you, I never was a big fan of those uniforms…but lately they’ve been becoming quite a turn-on.

Don’t know what it is, but when you get a flash of those white cotton panties, you just wanna move in close, and bury your face between her silky Asian legs, don’t you? No wonder those panty vending machines became so popular around Tokyo! Also, did you know that a lot of girls in Japan keep their high school uniforms after they graduate? It’s not uncommon for them to get dressed up in those cute plaid skirts for you in the bedroom either!

Of course, if you wanna see a huge selection of over 230 schoolgirl videos from Japan, they’re no futher than a click away. All those videos, and more, are available on a Pay-Per-Download basis with no recurring monthly fees at the Sexy Japanese Theater. But make sure to take advantage of their Free 15 Minute Download to see for yourself!

Posted July 5th, 2007 in Japanese Schoolgirls

Shaved pussy pics of Asian maid cosplay sex with Yuri Manaka

Japanese maid

Japanese girls look so cute in their little Asian maid outfits…and they know when they get dressed up like that, it makes you wanna fuck them ten times more! That’s what’s so fun about cosplay sex, pulling down a cute Asian maid’s panties and burying your cock deep between her soft, smooth legs.

Here are some great shaved pussy pics of Yuri Manaka doing what she does best…getting your hard as a rock with her cosplay cuteness, then sucking your cock until you just can’t wait to penetrate her tight, shaved Asian pussy! She bends over and lets you fuck her from behind…and that pussy is so tight and wet, that you cum inside her like crazy.

Don’t worry, Yuri Manaka loves the feeling of a creampie inside her tight Japanese pussy! Can you imagine what it’s like to bust a creampie in a cute Asian maid like her? Well, you don’t even have to imagine cause at AV9898 are uncensored Japanese porn videos with Yuri and tons of other cute Japanese AV hotties getting down and dirty all the time.

Posted June 30th, 2007 in Cosplay Porn, Creampie Sex


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