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Asian porn with Japanese babes from Nippon

Busty Japanese girl with huge tits that are 100% natural

Have you ever seen a busty Japanese girl with bigger tits than this?

They’re enormous and beautiful…plus, you can tell by the way they move, that they are 100% natural. It’s another thing you’ve gotta love about Japanese porn…fake tits are not popular at all! You just can’t beat the feeling of those soft, natural, Asian breasts wrapped around your cock during a titty fuck.

Now for those who have the image that Asian women never have huge tits, I invite you to take a look at the selection of busty Asian videos inside the Sexy Japanese Theater. As of this post, there are currently 115 big Asian tits videos available for download there…most of which are straight from Japan!

Busty JapaneseThey’re offering a Free Trial 15 minute download to give you a taste of what they’ve got to offer. You can’t beat that, and I’ve only just begun browsing their huge tits section. Make sure to pick out a really good one to download for your free 15 minutes…

If you’re looking for an uncensored busty Japanese porn video with “the works,” I think I will definitely have to recommend Buster Bust.

You may be wondering what I mean by “the works?” What I mean is…huge titty fucking, shaved pussy creampies, cosplay, anal sex, and even hot Asian pissing! They’ve really taken pleasure and perversion to a whole new level!

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Internal Asian creampie in sexy Tokyo club girl’s hot pussy

Asian creampie

The nightclubs in Tokyo are red hot and the girls are smokin’!!!
Here’s a hot Tokyo club girl right now, sucking off three cocks, and taking an internal Asian creampie in her tight Japanese pussy. What’s her name? Yuki Takizawa…and she’s looking fine as hell in that button-down shirt and fishnet stockings, don’t you think?

That hair and makeup is so typical of the club girls in Japan, and she’s got a real pretty face too. Perfect for sucking cock, and Yuki looks even better when her mouth is wrapped around one. She takes on three cocks, giving some sloppy wet Asian blowjob love to each one.

Yuki’s sure got big tits for a Japanese girl, but one look at that fluffy pussy, and there’s no doubt what country she’s from. This Japanese girl is keeping it real with that little beaver of hers, and if you’re man enough to take her on, you can fire an internal cumshot blast deep in her tight Asian pussy too!

You’ll love this busty Asian creampie video coming straight outta Nippon!

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The best virtual Japanese blowjob you will ever receive

We can only hope that the fuckers at YouTube won’t delete this video like they do for everything else, because this girl really wants to give you a virtual Japanese blowjob you won’t forget! I told you that the sexy girls of Japan give the best blowjobs in the world, and here is the evidence. Their technique? Rather than bobbing and slobbing from the get-go, they take it nice and slow…licking and kissing your cock and balls in a build up to make you explode!

This virtual Japanese blowjob starts off with her nibbling on the head of your cock with her soft, pink lips. As she rolls her moist tongue around the tip, she asks, “Does it feel good?” Next thing she says is, “It’s just the two of us, so we can be perverted…it’s nothing to be ashamed of…”

By now, your cock is throbbing like crazy as she smooches up and down your shaft, but nothing could prepare you for what’s coming next. About 5 minutes in, she starts licking your asshole…massaging it slowly with her tongue! Over and over this Japanese beauty kisses and licks your anus in a rimjob you’ll remember for the rest of your life…these girls are awesome!

It’s truely the best virtual blowjob ever, and this sexy Japanese girl is so beautiful, that you wanna cum in her mouth so damn bad. It’s ok, cause before she puts your dick in her mouth again, she tells you she wants your cum too. She keeps sucking and sucking, deeper and deeper…this girl has turned oral sex into a real artform!

Ready to see 10 different real Japanese girls showing off their blowjob skills on real cocks?
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Edit (6/14/07) : You know what? Fuck PrudeTube! As you can see, they already removed the video above. Well, I had a feeling it wouldn’t last long, and it’s a shame cause it’s one of the hottest virtual blowjob videos I’ve seen in a long time. Will be on the lookout for it again, and if I spot it somewhere else, will add it to this post. I think that may be the last video I post here from their prudish, censor-happy website. Since I feel bad about getting your hopes up, here’s another awesome virtual Japanese blowjob and handjob video with a teen cutie who’s got some serious skills. I can just feel her soft wet lips on my cock right now!

Those who’ve never seen this one before I’m sure will enjoy it…

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Gushing pussy in this intense Asian squirting video

Asian squirting

This fine babe is Aoi Kohinata, and don’t you just wanna see her hot gushing pussy in action? The Japanese are masters of Asian squirting videos, and I’m always amazed at just how many girls in Japan have the ability to squirt! Maybe they have less sexual inhibitions, and can really let loose when someone’s fingerbanging them in just the right spot.

There’s even an entire gushing pussy section at AV9898, and as of the writing of this post, there are no less than 52 Asian squirting videos there! That’s a lot of wetness you could be licking up, and this video of Aoi Kohinata is just one of the many hot babes sharing her prized pussy juices with you there.

In fact, it’s still a mystery as to what liquid a woman squirts out at the height of her orgasm. Some say it’s a special fluid reserved just for the occasion…but one thing is for sure, whoever gets to taste a sexy Japanese girl’s squirting pussy is a lucky person indeed. You simply can’t put a price on that!

You wanna see these Asian girl’s squirting their pussies for real on camera? Start downloading these uncensored movies now at AV9898!

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Japanese lesbians kissing in a hot schoolgirl threesome

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This is the hottest thing I’ve seen in awhile, so I just had to share it with you all. 4 minutes and 44 seconds of three Japanese lesbians engaged in the hottest french kissing ever! It’s pure erotic perfection, and whoever created this movie deserves an award. We can only hope and pray that this video is not removed from the net anytime soon.

Seeing these cute Japanese schoolgirls with their tongues intertwined as they moan with pleasure drives me insane! Does it get any better than this? The girl in the middle is the hottest by far, with soft juicy lips, and the way she kisses is so damn sensual…it’s almost hypnotizing.

When she moves over to the schoolgirl on the right, I’d have to say that the other girl seems a little apprehensive at first…maybe it’s her first lesbian experience…but within a minute or so, you can tell she’s so turned on by the whole thing. The whole thing comes to a climax when they all come together in a schoolgirl french kissing threesome at the end!

After watching this, I’m sure you’re itching for a site with more hot Japanese lesbians playing with each other. Well, why not check out this great new site specializing in shaved Asian pussy that also has some of the hottest Japanese lesbian movies you can find in one place. The site is G-Queen, and it’s now in English!

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Japanese pornstar Maria Ozawa in her sexy fishnet stockings

Japanese Pornstar

If you’ve never seen Japanese pornstar Maria Ozawa before, you’re in for a treat! Born in Hokkaido, January 8, 1986, she’s one of the hottest idols in Japan today. Known for her exotic looks, as a half-Japanese, half-French-Canadian beauty, Maria Ozawa stands out from the crowd of other AV Idols in Japan.

Maria is one of the latest Japanese pornstars to knock my socks off, so I was excited to see her video at Japan Legs! She’s looking so damn fine in those sexy fishnet stockings and that short schoolgirl skirt. Hey, if you can read Japanese, be sure and check out her blog. Seems like this busty beauty is pretty active with her posting over there.

See this whole video at Japan Legs

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Asian oral sex and facial cumshot from Japan

Asian oral

This is one of the hotter Asian oral sex movies I’ve seen in awhile, with a busty babe from Japan taking a facial cumshot like you wouldn’t believe. Wanna suck on her milky white tits and smooth Japanese pussy while she’s giving you a blowjob?

AV9898 is one of the top J-Porn sites today which is in both English, and Japanese. These guys are bringing so many updates, in such a variety of niches, that it’s hard for me to keep up! Thanks to them, I’m going through tissues like there’s no tomorrow…

The movie gallery above is a good example. Watch how this Asian babe performs oral sex on him like a pro, and continues to lovingly suck on the head of his cock even after a hot facial cumshot! Japanese blowjobs are by far the best in the world.

See the variety of movies at AV9898

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Mature Japanese facesitting wife cheating on husband

mature-asian While her husband is at the office, this mature, facesitting Japanese housewife is cheating with another man in the kitchen!

If only her hubby knew what his horny wife is up to while he’s off at work. She can’t wait for a cock in her pussy, and shoves her fingers inside in anticipation…

This mature Asian wife is gonna show another guy what sex with a Japanese MILF is all about! She rubs that sweet pussy and ass all over him in some intense facesitting and 69 action…only to fuck his brains out with some sexual acrobatic positions that you could only dream about.

These hot Japanese porn videos are gonna blow you away!!!

Posted April 9th, 2007 in Mature Asian MILF

Asian footjob from dominant Japanese girl with silver toes

asian-footjobFoot fetish movies are big in Japan these days, and here are some clips of a dominant Asian footjob I think you’ll enjoy.

This sexy Japanese babe takes control, and forces this guy to lick her sexy Asian feet…and kiss her sexy silver toes.

But that’s not enough to satisfy her, and she decides to use his face as a chair! There’s some nice Asian facesitting here, as she makes him lick her sweet pussy and sniff her sexy Japanese ass…

For being so good, he is rewarded with an intense footjob, and she rubs his cock with her sexy toes until he cums on her feet…but wait until you see what else this dominant Japanese girl makes him do next!

More Asian footjob movies with Japanese teens

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Japanese idol Sayaka Ando in sexy pantyhose

Gravure idol Sayaka AndoSayaka Ando is one of the hottest Japanese gravure idols IMHO, so I was sure happy to see that some nice person uploaded a hot video of her hanging out in her sexy black panties and silky pantyhose!

Just look at Sayaka in her open toed heels here, and tell me you don’t wanna kiss those sexy Asian feet, and cute, painted red toes on this beautiful Japanese idol!

Sayaka Ando was born May 24, 1981 in Miyagi Prefecture, and first became known as a Japanese race queen. I’m looking for some older race queen pics of her at the moment to share in the future.

This beautiful Japanese idol looks great, whether she’s simply posing in normal, everyday clothes like these, or in sexy lingerie and panties.

Sayaka drives me crazy with this next pic of her bending over…

Sexy Japanese idol

Oh my God! What a beautiful woman!!! Perfect legs, feet, tits and ass, plus a beautiful face and a sweet, sweet smile…rating Sayaka on a scale of 1 to 10 is impossible, as the number 10 is not high enough for her!

Anyway, here’s that video of her looking cute as hell in her sexy Japanese pantyhose. Lets hope it stays up awhile, as hot videos like these tend to disappear quickly off of YouTube…

Enjoy it while it lasts!

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